Valentine Flowers for Everyone

Valentine Bouquets

Sending Valentine’s flowers to anyone, including family members and friends as well as your Valentine, is a beautiful way to express love and appreciation for the important people in your life. Flowers have a universal language that transcends romantic relationships, making them a thoughtful gesture for anyone you care about.

valentine bouquetFor mothers and sisters, receiving a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers is a heartwarming reminder of the love and bond shared within the family. It's a gesture that shows gratitude for their support, kindness, and unconditional love throughout the years. For friends, sending Valentine’s Day flowers is a meaningful way to celebrate the cherished friendships and shared experiences that enrich our lives. It's a gesture of affection and appreciation, letting them know they are cherished and valued.

Even children can delight in receiving Valentine flowers, fostering a sense of love and belonging. For parents, sending flowers to their children is a sweet way to show affection and teach them the importance of expressing love and kindness. Additionally, sending Valentine’s Day flowers to teachers, mentors, or colleagues is a thoughtful way to acknowledge their impact and support in your life. Flowers have the power to brighten someone's day and create lasting memories, making them the perfect gesture of love and appreciation for anyone, regardless of their relationship status.

Flower Ideas for the People You Love

Your Significant Other

Roses say “I love you.” There’s no mistaking the meaning of a dozen red roses. What a beautiful way to express yourself. The Classic Rose Bouquet is one dozen roses arranged in a glass vase with greenery and a soft filler accent. Other colors are also available: yellow, pink, white, and a mixed variety. Orchard Lane also offers a Classic Rose Bouquet - Hand Tied Design: A dozen roses with greens and accent filler designed in a hand-tied style for your recipient to put in their own vase. The Hand Tied Bouquet is available in red, white, soft pink and white, pink, or peach.

Your Best Friend

Celebrating Galentine’s with your BFF? Show them the gratitude and love they deserve with our Rosie Bouquet - Pick Up edition, available for in-store purchase at Orchard Lane Flower Shop in Clintonville. Our Rosie Bouquets are always different, as our artistic floral designers use the freshest, most colorful and beautiful blooms in stock and gorgeous greens to put together this darling bouquet. BFF out of town? Our Rosie Bouquet - On the Road edition can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Your Mom

Love your mom? Of course you do. This Valentine’s Day, put it in a letter! Surprise her with our adorable Love Letters Arrangement, a display of brightly colored blooms nestled in a sweet envelope container your mom can reuse for her own arrangements. Because we use the freshest flowers we have in stock, exact colors and flower varieties in this joyful and whimsical arrangement will vary.

Your Sister

Sisters. They’re your first friends; the ones who have been with you through everything. Surprise her this Valentine’s Day with flowers and chocolates in our Bouquet & Chocolates Gift Set. This gift set includes our colorful and joyful hand tied Rosie Bouquet (614 Pick Up Edition size) and a box of four chocolate truffles from a local and woman-owned chocolatier, The Chocolate Cafe.

Orchard Lane also offers other gift sets, as well. Send your Valentine or anyone you love our Rosie Bouquet and Bubble Bath for the ultimate pampering experience. And, our curated selection of Valentine’s gifts offers something for everyone. From cute dish towels to irresistible candles, sweet Candy Club gummy hearts and bears, and luxurious bath salts and bath bombs, Orchard Lane can help you make this a Valentine’s Day to remember.