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We love weddings and we love events!  The joy we see on our client's faces when we deliver their wedding day flowers is THE BEST!  We know planning a wedding is a little scary, so we're here to help make your floral and event design process a little more enjoyable and hopefully a lot more fun!

To help you understand our price points, we have listed some of our average price ranges for wedding day flowers. *Please keep in mind that specifics like flower type, season, and quantity needed will affect the final pricing for your event.

Bridal Bouquet $250 - $350
Bridesmaids Bouquet $75 - $125
Flower Crowns $55 - $85
Corsages $35 - $45
Boutonnieres $18 - $25
Pocket Boutonnieres $45 - $65


Wedding florist Columbus Ohio


Wedding decor Columbus Ohio


Arch & Chuppas - No Floral $150 - $350
Floral Decor for Arches/Chuppas $150 - $700
Church Altar Arrangements $75 - $225
Chair/Pew Flowers $25 - $45

Wedding florist Columbus Ohio
Wedding decor Columbus Ohio


Candle Centerpieces $30 - $65
Low Mix Centerpiece $65 - $145
Tower Centerpiece $200 - $450 (shown)
Cocktail Table Centerpieces $25 - $35

Placecard/Place setting accents $1 - $3
Floral Chandeliers $325 - $500
Floral Walls/Photo backdrop $1800 - $3500
Entryway Decor $250 - $500
Cake Flowers $45 - $100
Guest Book/Gift Table Arrangements $65 - $185


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