Beeswax Lip Balm

Hand crafted lip balms free from alcohol, color dyes and grains and sugar. Ingredients: locally sourced organic, single filtered beeswax + organic coconut oil + organic avocado oil + steam distilled pure essential oils. Seriously, hands down, the best lip balm you will ever put on those dry + cracked lips. Our .33 ounce tubes last forever so you won't feel like you are always running out. Pair with our lip scrubs to keep your lips kissable year round. *Do not leave in your cars during the summer or extreme heat. Because we don't put crap in these glorious tubes, they can melt in summer heat. Size | .33 Ounces per tube This product is intended and designed as lip balm, do not ingest this product. Our products are made in small batches to ensure that sweet honey aroma shines through each time. Our oil blends are strong but not too strong, so you won't get annoyed with a strong scent.

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