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As spring blooms, so does the excitement among high school students for one of life's quintessential milestones — prom. While proms originated in the 1920s as lessons in formal etiquette — how to conduct oneself as a young lady or gentleman — proms today combine fun and tradition. They reflect changing tastes and styles in music and fashion, and some timeless formal traditions have given way to individual expression. Amidst all the changes in this rite of spring, flowers have remained an important part of the prom tradition. They have, however, adapted to align with contemporary fashion trends and personal preferences.

Coordinating Prom Flowers

Corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets represent a nod to prom's rich history and offer a way to express individual style and connection. When envisioning prom, images of elegance and color coordination come to mind, so how do you select the perfect flowers? Many couples, and even friend groups, choose to match or coordinate flowers — but you certainly don’t have to. That said, making sure the flowers you choose for your date complement their outfit shows you care. Consider both the color and style of their dress, suit, tuxedo, or other outfit and your date’s personal preferences.

You and your florist can decide on either complementary or contrasting blooms. For instance, pairing a white rose corsage with a navy dress or suit creates a striking contrast, while a dark red corsage subtly complements them. Whether opting for complementary or contrasting blooms, the goal is to enhance the overall ensemble. Simple enhancements like ribbons or rhinestones can further personalize the look and coordinate with dresses, suits, or tuxedos, creating a harmonious aesthetic from head to toe.

Prom Flower Choices: Corsages, Boutonnieres, and Bouquets

Prom flower choices boil down to three options: corsage, boutonniere, or nosegay style bouquet. All add an elegant touch to your formalwear and add to the lasting memories of this special occasion. Let's explore the options and considerations for each choice.

Prom Corsages

prom flowers: prom corsage

Corsages, derived from the French term "Bouquet de corsage," have long been a cherished tradition of prom night attire. Traditionally worn by women on their dress or wrist, corsages serve as a floral accent that helps to elegantly mark the special occasion. When choosing a corsage, consider your date's preferences and outfit. Today, most girls prefer a wrist corsage, and if your date is wearing a gown with thin straps or going strapless, this is definitely a good choice to avoid weighing down their delicate dress. Today, wrist corsages are more popular than ever—and let you bypass the process of awkwardly pinning them to your date’s dress.

Most florists have an eye for fashion and can help you select a flower style, as well as a color, that will look great with their outfit. Roses and carnations, available in a wide range of colors, are classics: foolproof options and offer versatility to match any prom look. More exotic flower options for corsages include orchids and lilies. Your florist might have other ideas or interesting combinations for a truly one-of-a-kind corsage. The cost of a prom corsage can range from about $40 to $60, so talk to your florist about your budget.

Wearing floral accents on clothing was once believed to hold symbolic powers. Today, they are the finishing touch to formal attire and for prom, an important ritual filled with tradition and significance.

Prom Boutonnieres

prom flowers: prom boutonnieres

Simple yet elegant, prom boutonnieres are typically one to three flowers accented by some greenery or “filler” flower such as baby’s breath. If choosing a boutonniere for your date, coordinate it with your date's tie, cumberbund, or vest to create a cohesive look. Many couples choose to order the boutonniere alongside the corsage to ensure coordination between the two floral accents.

While boutonnieres traditionally avoid feminine touches and “bling,” consider your date's preferences when selecting the design. If unsure, a single white rose or carnation with some greenery offers a classic and complementary choice. Boutonnieres are more affordable than corsages, ranging from $15 to $25.

Prom Bouquets

Prom bouquets have enjoyed a resurgence in recent years, and for good reason. While not the traditional choice of our era, nosegay style bouquets are a lovely option for prom night. Originating from a 20th-century practice of men bringing bouquets to their date's parents, bouquets add a romantic and gallant touch to the occasion. Similar rules apply for bouquets as corsages and boutonnieres, with color coordination and consideration for your date's preferences being paramount.

While your date may not want to carry a bouquet throughout the evening, it can serve as a beautiful prop for photos. Opt for neutral shades or colors that match your outfits to ensure a cohesive look. Custom bouquets tend to be more expensive, ranging from $50 to over $100, depending on the arrangement.

Pre-Prom Bouquet-Making Parties

Want a prom bouquet for yourself or someone else? Hold a bouquet-making party at your home or at Orchard Lane Flowers the night before prom! Prom-goers can purchase supply kits from Orchard Lane Flowers. The kits include vases, blooms, greenery, and filler flowers. Additional supplies such as ribbon, floral tape, and bouquet pins can be added to the package.

Discussing Prom Flowers with Your Date

Whether attending prom with your significant other or a friend, it's customary for your date to present you with a corsage, boutonniere, or bouquet. Initiate a conversation with your date to determine if they will be purchasing your prom flowers.

If your date plans to buy your flowers, share images of your outfit or provide a color swatch they can reference with their florist. Some couples like to visit the florist together to ensure both parties are happy with their choices. Purchasing flowers as a set also helps save money.

Order your prom flowers sooner rather than later. Flower shops experience high demand during prom season, as they’re also catering to weddings and Mother's Day. Early planning and ordering will help alleviate any last-minute stress and ensure a seamless floral experience for your prom night.

Some other considerations when it comes to prom flowers: You can typically save money by purchasing corsages and boutonniere sets. Also, be considerate of your date's allergies and opt for hypoallergenic alternatives if necessary. Ensuring the safe transportation and preservation of flowers is essential to maintaining their freshness throughout the event. After picking up your flowers, keep them in the florist’s box or container to prevent damage. At home, store flowers in the refrigerator to prolong their beauty, as a cool, non-humid environment is conducive to preservation.

Don’t Forget Mom

Moms are the unsung heroes of many prom nights. From dress shopping to tuxedo fittings, arranging transportation, and hosting post-prom festivities, moms are important and enthusiastic prom assistants.Your mom likely invested time, effort, and possibly even resources into making your prom experience memorable and enjoyable. Show Mom you appreciate her by surprising her with a bouquet or arrangement of their own. Thank-you flowers are a thoughtful way to express your gratitude and show Mom how much you appreciate her support and assistance.

Whether it's a delicate wrist corsage, a classic boutonniere, or a romantic bouquet, prom flowers not only enhance a look but also symbolize the cherished memories woven into the fabric of prom night. From coordinating colors to personalizing details, the choice of prom flowers becomes a meaningful expression of care and appreciation. Embrace prom traditions and create memories that will last a lifetime.