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LIVE Virtual Floral Design Workshop - BYOF (Bring Your Own Flowers)

Join Orchard Lane Flowers Creative Director, Kasey Conyers, for a LIVE Virtual Floral Design Workshop via Zoom!  Our next workshop is scheduled for December 16th at 5:30pm.    A minimum of 8 participants is needed to make the workshop a "go".

BYOF:  Bring Your Own Flowers Option!  Want to pull your own supplies together?  We'll provide you with a complete shopping and supply list the a few days prior to the workshop.  You can grab a vase and bouquet from your local grocery store.  The average spend for flowers for the works shop is around $30 from your local grocery store.  

Want a tool kit of your own?  We've got a tool kit you can use for this workshop and to create your own design at home any time you want!  Click here to add a tool kit to your cart!  Pick up is available at the shop the morning of the workshop 9-noon.